SESSION 5: Sign + Signifier

August 17 - 28, 2019

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Artist in Residence: Natalie Ball

Craftspersons in Residence: Alix Cannon, Madeline Prowd



Glassblowing, Experimentation, Mold Blowing

Within each individual is a unique quality allowing us to produce work that is as original as we are. In this course, students will play with and explore glass as a medium to find their own personal processes in blown work. Through experimental processes students will work to increase their understanding of the material, and to find meanings and ways to express their passion for glass. Students will take a sculptural approach using the hot torch, kiln, and molds. Be inspired by glass, the process of learning, discovering the materiality of the medium, and by yourself




Aya Oki is a Japanese artist based in San Bernardino, California. She creates glass sculptures that come from her own personal process and interactions with the material. Oki earned her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, in 2014. Since then, Oki has been travelling the world as an artist and educator. Oki recently completed the Duncan McClellan Gallery Glass Residency in St Petersburg, Florida.

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Glassblowing, Coldworking, Composition, Design, Color, Light

Join us in our quest for the graal! In this course, students will create multi-layered graal glass vessels by blowing blank shapes of alternating colors in the Hot Shop; then use hand-cut Buttercut masks and sandblasting to create contrasting figurative or abstract compositions in raised relief on the surface of their vessels. Light will be an essential component to this course and the vessels, as the compositions come to life by backlighting. Join us, and see your work come to life!





Andrea Dezsö works across a broad range of media: drawing, artist’s books, installation, and large scale public art. She has four permanent public art projects in New York City, three of which feature glass mosaic murals. Dezsö teaches and exhibits internationally. The son of Paul Marioni, Dante Marioni was raised in the middle of the studio glass movement. After having worked with Benjamin Moore and Lino Tagliapietra, he has since taken technical mastery of the material to new levels with signature iconic designs.

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Glassblowing, Coldworking

Make forms and ideas come to life using the physics of glass. Students will further develop strong foundational skills in the Hot Shop through bit work, solid sculpting, blowing, and simple blow molds, as well as some color application techniques. We will complement these skills in the Cold Shop, with basic grinding, engraving, and image transfer techniques, bringing ideas to fruition through traditional and experimental approaches to glass. The course will include demonstrations, hands-on experimentation, focus on individual practice, critique, and reflection




Embracing the myriad relationships between science, nature, and art allows Joe Grant’s sculptures to emerge. Grant is currently the director of STARworks Glass in North Carolina. He has taught at numerous craft schools and university programs. Grant’s work has garnered him numerous awards, including a fellowship at Creative Glass Center of America, New Jersey, and North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship. Recent exhibitions include the V.I.P. room of the World Science Festival at the W Hotel in New York and Carrack Modern Art in Raleigh.

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Flameworking, Sculpting, Kinetics, Play

Investigating the possibilities of kinetic glass-art sculpture, this course will bring movement and motion to borosilicate sculptures by covering simple to complex mechanisms with a variety of cranks and movement studies. By embracing the entire process—from sketches to component production and final assembly and adjustments, students will be able to bring kinetic energy and motility to their sculptures at the bench. Anything can be made movable, so join us and create your own unique, dynamic sculpture!




Kentaro Yanagi was born in Tokyo and became interested in art at a young age, assembling and reconstructing toy models. His work incorporates movement and echoes the plastic models of his childhood play. In 2017, Yanagi’s glasswork was exhibited by H.P. FRANCE at Rooms Experience 34 in Tokyo, one of the largest exhibitions for fashion and art. Yanagi teaches flameworking and stained glass at three different art universities, and his work has garnered considerable praise for its originality, precision, and humor.

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3D Scanning + Printing, Moldmaking, Kilncasting

With special focus on concept development and experimentation, this course will cover the basics of 3D scanning and photogrammetry, digital preparation, and a variety of computer programs that can be used to create and prepare objects for 3D printing. In order to transform 3D-printed objects into glass, we will focus on the PLA burnout method, as well as the use of water-soluble PVA, in combination with a variety of moldmaking techniques for kilncast and slumped glass. Laptops will be required.





Æsa Björk approaches her work by experimenting with material boundaries while considering questions related to the body, personal borders, and human existence. Björk is based in Bergen, Norway, and exhibits her work internationally. Helena Kågebrand currently lives in Sweden and is a sculptor who uses glass as her primary means of expression in addition to being a certified 3D technician. Her work has been shown at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle, and different venues internationally.

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