Studio Building

The Studio Building was erected in 1985 and an annex for kiln casting was completed in 1998. The deck and grassy area are used as space for students working in sculpture and mixed media. The large main room holds teaching areas where three classes have table space and room for instruction. Many of the tables have wooden tops that reveal light tables for flat glass work such as stained glass, painting, or design and assembly of slumped and fused works. The other tables are used for students learning hot glass, kiln casting, cold glass construction, and glass mosaics. The back wall holds a bank of eight kilns ideal for test firings and small works.

The upper building contains the mold making room, kiln room, and outdoor wax working area.

The mold room is a well-ventilated specialty room is used for work with plaster, rubber, wax and clay to create the molds for casting glass. On the south side of the building are the twelve computer-controlled kilns used for slumping, fusing, enameling, and casting glass. The outdoor area provides space, light, and equipment for wax working including a variety of tools, crock pots, steamers, and a mold dryer.

The Store is located underneath the studio building and sells glassworking tools and supplies, t-shirts, books, packing materials, band-aids, burn ointment, and other sundry items. Students are provided with all the clear glass they can use but must purchase their own color.

studio building