Print Shop

The print shop is located on the lower level of the lodge, beneath the kitchen. The print shop features a full-sized press for making prints from glass plates. This process is called vitreography (vi-tree-ah-gra-fee). Artists apply ink to the glass plate with brushes, rollers, stencils, or even their hands. The plate is then run through the press to create a one-of-a-kind print on paper (monoprint). Glass plates may also be etched, engraved, scratched, or sandblasted to create a series of prints. 

The print shop offers artists a different way to experiment and a quiet respite from the other more group-oriented processes on campus.

During sessions without a dedicated print course, the Print Shop Intern gives instruction to students who want to learn and experiment. The print shop is also a resource used extensively by the artists in residence to create a body of prints. It is a process that translates well for those used to working in other media.

Students are provided with a variety of inks, plates to experiment on (ideal for monoprinting), and screens. Supplies such as paper, transparencies, photo raysist materials, and plates for etching are available for purchase in the school store.

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