Hot Shop

The hot shop was the first permanent structure built on campus. The shop was constructed from 1973-74. It is used primarily for glassblowing and solid off-hand glass sculpting.

The hot shop is an open-air structure revolving around the central pad which holds the furnace and surrounding workstations. The continuous-melt furnace contains 1,600 lbs of molten glass held at about 2,150° F. The central pad has five work stations (glory hole, bench, and marver). There is another drop down pad with two more stations for the craftspersons in residence. 11 computer-controlled annealing ovens allow finished pieces to cool at a controlled temperature over a period of time.

Pilchuck provides hot glass students with a variety of punties, pipes, and hand tools needed to work with hot glass. This includes multiple sizes of jacks, tweezers, shears, paddles, sofiettas, tungsten rods, sculpting tools, blocks, buckets, and a variety of optic and other molds.

Students in hot glass classes receive demonstration time and personal working time. Often, instructors will also bring in visiting artists for additional demonstrations. Students gain skill quickly in this immersive and experimental environment, as they are pushed to think and work in new ways.