Flat Shop

The flat shop was built in 1975 for classes in stained glass; today, the flat shop is used for neon, flameworking, and as studio space for those involved with hot shop activities, as well as sculpture and drawing classes.

Neon classes are equipped with specialized torches specific for tube bending, and have access to a variety of gases and colorants. Typically students purchase their own transformers through the school store. Plasma neon classes are also taught, encouraging use of the hot shop to make objects to be filled with plasma.

Flameworking (also known as lampworking) is also taught in the flat shop. Special gas plumbing allows for as many as twelve torches. These torches have special regulators to monitor the flow of oxygen and gas. Torches can create heat up to about 3,200° F – nearly hot enough to melt rock and far hotter than the temperature sustained in a glass furnace. Students use anything from rods and tubes of borosilicate glass and soft glass to shards of recycled bottles, that are heated, shaped, blown, and assembled. As always, experimentation and new directions are constantly encouraged and pushed to new levels.