Cold Shop

The Cold Shop contains equipment used to work with glass in a cold state. Lathes, diamond saws, grinding wheels and polishing wheels help to cut, smooth and polish glass. Pilchuck has a diverse and extensive body of equipment and tools for coldworking, making it one of the finest cold shops in the country.

The cold shop consists of four main rooms. The back room contains grit wheels, an angle grinding station, hand-lapping stations, saws, and flat plate belt sanders. Much care is taken to ensure no contamination occurs from the grits in this room. The sandblasting room contains three sandblasters: 80 grit, 120 grit, and 220 grit respectively. The main room contains the diamond lapping wheels, lathes, belt sanders, reciprolapse machines, drill press, ban saw, dremel stations, and pumice and cerium stations.

Located in the southeast corner of the building, the engraving room contains equipment used to create delicate cuts and carving. It is place of concentration, where participants can learn to mark and manipulate the glass in its cold state.