Special Scholarships

2017 summer program

We are no longer accepting Scholarship Applications for the 2017 Summer Program.
Applications for open summer courses are accepted until the courses are filled.

All scholarship applicants are considered for general scholarships, but you may also qualify for one or more of the available special scholarships below if you are:

  • an international applicant
  • resident of Australia or New Zealand (funded by Kaplan/Ostergaard Australia/New Zealand Scholarship)
  • a citizen of Eastern Europe
  • a citizen of the Czech Republic
  • a citizen of Norway (funded by Norwegian Crafts)
  • a resident of the Pacific Northwest (including AK, BC, ID, OR, WA)
  • a Pacific Northwest woman (including AK, BC, ID, OR, WA)
  • a resident of Hawaii who is a practicing artist, or graduate/undergraduate art student
  • a resident of New Mexico and a member of the Glass Alliance New Mexico (GANM)
  • a New England or Massachusetts area artist
  • a Los Angeles area artist
  • a US citizen of African American, Hispanic American, Native American or other minority heritage
  • an applicant for a flameworking course
  • a 2016 Seasonal Staff or Campus Assistant
  • currently enrolled art student at California College of the Arts
  • a 2016 Corning Inc. Foundation Award nominee
  • a 2016 Saxe Award nominee
  • a recipient of the 2016 People’s Choice Scholarship
  • a nominee from a 2017 Partner Institution
  • a nominee for The Klaus Moje Award (funded by Bullseye Projects)