We thank our donors, whose generosity makes it possible to maintain fees at around half of what it actually costs to offer our programs. 


A non-refundable US $50 application fee is charged to apply. This fee is not applied to course fees. 


Total Fees: Program Fee + Utility Fee (+ Optional Cottage Upgrade Fee) 

Program fees cover instruction, dormitory housing, meals, and basic supplies. Utility fees offset the cost of energy used in studios; they are indicated by A, B, or C at the end of the course description. An upgrade to cottage housing is optional and carries an additional fee. 

Program Fee: 

US $3,687 per course sessions 2, 4, or 5 

US $2,601 per course sessions 1, 3, or 6 

Utility Fee: 

A = US $410  

B = US $310

C = US $210 

Cottage Housing Upgrade Fee (optional and subject to availability): 

US $300 per session 2, 4, or 5 

US $250 per session 1, 3, or 6 

All fees are to be paid in U.S. funds by money order, check, credit card, or wire transfer. If you choose to pay by wire transfer, you will be responsible for paying any additional bank fees. A 3% credit card processing fee will be added for all credit and debit card payments toward course fees (this does not apply to application fees). 


For students, a non-refundable US $500 deposit is required within one (1) week of notification to hold your place in a course. The US $500 deposit will be applied to your total course fees; you will be sent a statement showing your remaining balance due May 1. If you register after May 1, your total fees will be due at the time of confirmation. 

Payment plans are available for students who cannot meet the May 1 payment deadline. With a payment plan, the deposit is paid and a schedule is created to break the remaining cost down into smaller payments. In general, courses later in the summer have more flexible payment plans. Full program fees are due no later than three weeks prior to the start of class. If a payment plan is arranged, failure to follow the set payment schedule will jeopardize your place in the course. For more information about payment plans, email the registrar at registrar@pilchuck.com