Course & Studio Schedules

Each instructor determines the schedule of lectures, demonstrations, TA monitored work time, and free-time for their course. Studios are open for long hours in order to accommodate the different course meeting times as well as individual work. During the week studios are monitored at specific times so that students have the necessary assistance while they are using the facilities, tools, and equipment.

Most sessions, two courses are scheduled in the main hot shop. One class will work from early morning to mid-afternoon, and the other will work from mid-afternoon to late night. When not working in the hot shop, students will have access to the cold shop and other studios, as well as conducting discussions, critiques, etc.

During a session, educational events are designed to support course activities and learning. Participants dine together for three meals a day in the lodge, which is also where artists present images and talk about their work after lunch. There are social activities, studio time, and group meetings, with additional time for personal reflection and work. Critiques, readings, demonstrations, and discussions with artists in residence and visiting artists are regular events.

On Sundays, seasonal staff and campus assistants have exclusive use of studios; classes have the day off. This is an ideal day to get refreshed, explore the wooded trails that occasionally feature overlooks of Puget Sound, or take in the scenery and attractions of the region. Information is available in our campus office about the Seattle area, San Juan Islands, and local galleries and art museums.