Artist Assistants

We are no longer accepting Artist Assistant Applications for the 2017 Summer Program.


The primary role of an AA is to support the creative efforts of the artist in residence and act as a technical resource while they explore many ways of working with glass. AAs also support Pilchuck’s unique educational and artistic community through whole-hearted participation in summer program activities and goals.

Successful candidates would have great project planning and time management skills, be proactive, and enjoy problem solving. All AAs must have extensive studio experience in various processes, interest in collaboration, and previous experience at Pilchuck.

It is important that AAs listen well, share their expertise, and work closely with studio coordinators in charge of facilities in order to schedule projects and work alongside the courses being taught. If the artist has no experience with glass, an AA helps them understand glass working in basic terms and embrace experimentation, answers questions, and also helps them understand what is realistic to achieve in the time available.

Depending on the artist and their projects, AAs may have responsibilities such as assisting the craftspersons in residence (gaffers) in the hot shop or possibly gaffing themselves, assisting in the print shop, wax working, mold making, coldworking, cleaning, distributing materials and supplies, annealing, and charging. AAs also advise the artist on sources for additional materials not supplied by Pilchuck or available in the store (Pilchuck supplies hot glass, scrap glass, a minimum of plaster and silica for kiln casting, some wax, as well as sand for hot casting).

AAs are obligated to work 40 hours a week for the artist, though this arrangement is flexible based on their needs. Packing and shipping are NOT the responsibility of an AA. There may be opportunity for AAs to make some of their own work during the session; time should be arranged in advance with the artist.

Besides gaining valuable studio experience, AAs receive housing, meals, a $50 store credit, and 100% of round-trip coach air travel between their home and Pilchuck; full details/reimbursement restrictions outlined in acceptance paperwork.