A sense of community is integral to the spirit of campus life when all residents live and work together. All program participants live on campus for the duration of the session. No single, private rooms, or private baths are available. We are unable to accommodate anyone who is not enrolled in a course. All rooms are heated and simply furnished with twin beds and a desk. No camping or commuting is permitted.

Dormitory Housing is included in course fees and consists of a double-occupancy room with two twin sized beds (bedding provided), desks, storage, and two separate central restrooms for men and women. The dormitory is located less than a five-minute walk uphill.

Cottage Housing is an optional upgrade. Each cottage consists of two double-occupancy rooms with twin sized beds (bedding provided), desks, and storage. The rooms are separated by a bathroom which is shared by the four residents. With more space, greater privacy, and closer proximity to studios, cottage rooms carry an additional fee. Requests may exceed availability, and placement is not guaranteed.

When applying, check either “Dormitory” or “Cottage” on the application. If you do not designate a choice, we will assign you to the dormitory. Requests for cottage rooms may exceed availability, and we cannot guarantee placement.


All session participants dine together. Summer Program course fees include three meals a day during the week [self-serve continental breakfast, lunch and dinner], and two meals a day on weekends [brunch and dinner]. Certain dietary restrictions can be accommodated with prior notice.