2017 Highlights


This summer, key words structure the dialogue and focus for session courses. Identity, Taxonomy, Visualization, Materiality, Activation and Exploration provide a framework for inquiry. Instructors and Artists in Residence have been selected for their distinctive relationship to their session’s keyword. The themes act as a campus wide parameter, outlining the focus of each course and providing a collective springboard for thoughtful interpretation and the creation of pieces infused with content.  

Identity will delve into ideas around the body, adornment, performance, and skin.  Taxonomy considers categorizations, classical divisions, organization of formal elements and procedural applications in practice. Visualization looks into relationships between hand and eye, aesthetic decisions, finding the connections and the gaps between idea, image, and form. Materiality creates opportunity to examine the qualities and the connotations of glass, how its physicality affects the concepts formed about it, and vice versa. Activation pushes to break through boundaries and explores the affects art has on society, and that society has on art. Exploration encourages taking risks and pushing through the barriers towards previously unknown realizations. 

The concepts that rise from the exploration of course themes will be realized with hot and cold glass in areas such as glassblowing, hot-glass sculpting, sand- and kiln-casting, fusing, neon, painting, flame working, printmaking, mixed-media sculpture, engraving, 3D- modeling, printing and electronics.

Pilchuck’s  Hotshop, Annex,  Studio Building, Printshop, Flatshop, Woods and Metal Studio and Botlab are staffed by experienced coordinators to facilitate an almost limitless exploration of the material. 

The courses offered this summer offer a wide range of learning, skill levels and methods – the only question is, which keyword speaks to you?