John H. Hauberg Fellowship Program

APRIL 25 - MAY 11, 2018 

Applications for 2018 are now closed.

Named for Pilchuck co-founder John H. Hauberg (1916–2002)—philanthropist, art collector, and important patron of artists—the fellowship was established to encourage collaboration among a group of outstanding artists.

Groups of up to six members are invited to submit an application to utilize the Pilchuck studios and campus environment for research and development of artwork based on a common theme or a collaborative project.

Group members provide technical support for each other in the exploration of new working methods and engage in critical dialogue. Visual artists in all media as well as writers, poets, art critics, and curators are encouraged to apply; however, if proposing to use glassmaking equipment, some members of the group must have previous experience with Pilchuck’s facilities, as limited technical assistance is available.

Open studio space and access to Pilchuck’s Mold & Kiln Shop, Cold Shop, Print Shop, and Wood & Metals Shop is provided. During this time, Pilchuck’s hot glass facilities are being used for production, and therefore no hot glassworking is available. Hauberg Fellows are provided living accommodations, meals, and limited supplies. Reimbursement for travel costs and honorarium are not provided.

For more information, please contact the registrar, at or 360.445.3111 ext.29.



Jade Usackas, Ashley Berkman, Kelsie McNair, and Nadira Narine join together as Tempestuous Commons to explore the female form as a narrative tool for expression. The collaborative group will utilize a variety of media and techniques to develop pathways to new work, methods of thinking that transcend a singular notion of femininity and form, and a greater understanding of how our individual and collective perspectives persuade artistic practices.  



Jade Usackas is an artist, educator and designer who utilizes glass and mixed media to explore the contrast of human relationships and the natural world. Her work investigates how individuals respond to social norms and explores sexuality, intimacy and self-discovery. Usackas has studied art and glass throughout North America at institutions including:  Fleming College, Sheridan College, Pilchuck Glass School, the Corning Museum of Glass and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Usackas is an instructor at Playing With Fire in Toronto and recently completed the Studio Assistantship Program at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia.



Ashley Berkman is a multimedia artist and performer whose works explore the themes of female form, language as a visual medium and found poetry. She is currently investigating the idea of women as both sexual and intellectual beings, and “sexts” as curated self-expression. She has worked in a wide variety of artistic disciplines and seeks to make artistic connections between them. If given the opportunity she will eagerly deliver her dissertation on why Jurassic Park is the best movie ever made. She has lived in Africa, worked at Disneyworld, ridden her bicycle across America, and shares a birthday with Roseanne Barr.



Peering through the photographic lens of Kelsie McNair, viewers encounter carefully curated spaces that reveal the commonplace with wistful romance. These nostalgic scenes transform into a memory that preserves a moment of wonder, filling the lonely spaces of everyday life. She uses found and rescued objects to explore subjects surrounding her inner dialogues, tell stories and to create vignettes of the past. With her image and sculptural work, McNair aims to abandon the ordinary, escape the mundane and reject the patriarchy. McNair's diverse education includes Tidewater Community College, The New England Institute of Art and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts.



Nadira Narine, originally from Panama City, Panama, is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Craft and Design in Glass at Sheridan College in Ontario. Her work is heavily inspired by traditional Panamanian textiles and the patterns therein.  By combining her knowledge in glass, textiles and coding she endeavors to make interactive work that exhibits graphic imagery as well as simple patterns to create a visual experience.