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For two weeks in the spring, talented volunteer artists, fondly known as the Poleturners Union, Local 1201, donate their time to create centerpieces for Pilchuck Glass School's Annual Auction Gala.



Poleturners will work under the guidance of the Project Manager, Centerpiece Designer, and lead Gaffers to produce, finish, and pack approximately 110 auction centerpieces within a two week time frame. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your skills, gain new knowledge and experience Pilchuck Glass School.


  • Must be dependable and flexible as you may be rotated between tasks in the production, finishing, and packing processes
  • Should have a minimum of two years experience blowing glass
  • Coldworking experience a plus


You will not be able to stop and save the application once you begin. Prepare for the application process by gathering the following:

1) Resume (a document to upload) - include: 

  • An outline of your glassworking experience
  • Name, address, email, and phone number
  • Additional skills/qualification
  • Two references with names, phone numbers, and email addresses 
  • Document Format: Word or WordPad file saved with '.doc' on the end
  • Title Format:"Lastname.Firstname_Resume.doc". Example: Teel.Miranda_Resume.doc 

2) Two images (minimum) showcasing original artwork created by you within the last 12 months

  • Saved as .jpg files only
  • Formatted for PC at 72 dpi
  • Each image should be no larger than 1MB
  • Title each file: “Lastname.Firstname_Image1.jpg” “Lastname,Firstname_Image2.jpg” and so on


MAY 1–15, 2015

Pilchuck campus, Stanwood, WA

Poleturners Application

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