Past Exhibitions


Abram Deslauriers


JULY 5 - AUGUST 30, 3018


Opening Receptions:

July 5 + August 2, 2018
5:00 - 8:00 PM

Artist Talk:

August 2, 2018
6:00 - 6:30 PM

[UN]INVOLVED is an exploration of lines, light, and glass. Through an investigation of spectral color, Abram Deslauriers relies on chance and the properties of glass to create compositions that are complex and, at times, feel other-worldly. Driven by his playful, meditative process, Deslauriers examines the intersection of chroma curves in this new body of work.


Ben Beres


September 6- 28, 2018

Opening Reception
September 6, 2018
5:00-8:00 pm

Easy Magic offers an entré into the world of vitreography, a largely unexplored printmaking process that utilizes glass plates to make editions. Ben Beres—printmaker, professor at Cornish College of the Arts, and one third of collaborative trio SuttonBeresCuller—unveils this unique twist on his text-based prints alongside vitreography work by students, lab techs, and teaching assistants.


With Contributions From:
Nikki Barber
Monyee Chau
Dan Coyle
Haley Criswell
Sean Lafferty
Annie Nakahara
Susie Peck
Sara Rastegarpouyani
Aidan Sakakini
Hannah Marie Smith
Bradley Taylor
Amy Whittingham
Lionel Vance


Spellbound: 2018 Auction Preview Spellbound: 2018 Auction Preview

Spellbound: 2018 Auction Preview

October 4 - 18, 2018

First Thursday Art Walk
Thursday, October 4
5:00 - 8:00 PM

Come visit Pilchuck’s Seattle Exhibition Space this October to preview a sample of the art work featured in the 40th Annual Auction and Gala.


Featuring artwork by:

Sabah Al-Dhaher

Victoria Ahmadizadeh

Christina Bothwell

Jared Csakany

Ben Edols and Kathy Eliott

Katherine Gray

Kim Harty

Benjamin Moore

Matyas Pavlik

Anna Skibska

Hiromi Takizawa

Kayleigh Young

Toots Zynsky




2017 Professional Kiln-glass Residency


May 3 - June 28, 2018

Opening Receptions:

May 3 + June 7, 2018
5:00-8:00 PM

Dis-Course is a response to the current political and social unrest throughout the United States. While individually making work that speaks to their personal beliefs, this group of artists raises their voices through thought-provoking work. With a broad range of experimental techniques in kiln-formed glass, themes of conflict, contradiction, and discord are explored.

2017 Professional Kiln-glass Residency artists:

Kim Brill
Susan Cox
Sean Cramblett
Sandy Gellis
Christopher Gibson
Tali Grinshpan
Pamela Price Klebaum
Leslie Speicher
Diane Tang
Donna Vis
Robert Weiner
Gabriela Wilson


Steve Klein
Richard Parrish

Method of Sight Method of Sight

2017 Pilchuck Emerging Artists in Residence

Method of Sight

March 1 - April 26, 2018


Opening Receptions:
March 1 + April 5, 2018
5:00 - 8:00 pm

Artist Talk feat. Collin Bampton
April 5, 2018
6:00 - 6:30 pm

METHOD OF SIGHT features a group of artists whose work draws inspiration from material exploration and experimentation. As they individually shed light on new ways to view and use glass, this group of artists challenges conventional understandings of the material and its properties.

As Pilchuck’s 2017 Emerging Artists in Residence, Collin Bampton, Lydia Boss, Courtney Dodd, Morgan Gilbreath, and Bryan McGovern Wilson present new work in this exploratory exhibition.


Jen Elek


January 4 - February 22, 2018

Open during regular gallery hours:

Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Special Events:

Opening Receptions
January 4 + February 1, 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Hands-On Craft Night
February 16, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Pilchuck Glass School - Exhibition Space
240 2nd Ave S, Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98104

Jen Elek’s work is an exploration into the role light and color play in communication and language. Blown glass, neon, and steel are used for their colorful, reflective surfaces to create an alluring environment that engages the viewer to become part of the vision. Through her work, Elek transcends established notions of craft to explore new territories between concept, design, and fine art.

Pilchuck Holiday Sale 2017 Pilchuck Holiday Sale 2017

Pilchuck Holiday Sale 2017

November 2nd - December 21st, 2017

Holiday Gallery Hours

Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Saturday, December 16, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Special Events:

Holiday Hooky Hour: Friday, December 15, 10:00AM - 4:00PM
Eggnog and cookies await visitors as they indulge in this neighborhood celebration of the season!
Get your Holiday Hooky Hour passport here.

Pilchuck Exhibition Space
240 2nd Ave S, #100
Seattle, WA 98104

Come visit Pilchuck’s Seattle Exhibition Space this winter for our annual holiday sale featuring pottery, craft, and handblown glass pieces from local artists.

Artists featured in the Holiday Sale include:
Jen Elek | Levi Belber | Brent Rogers | Granite Calimpong | Deborah Adler | Hot Pop Planters by Lydia Boss and John Hogan | Mike Cozza | Penelope Rakov | Alex Stanyon | Melissa Kistler | Megan Stelljes | …AND MORE!
Millefiori: 1,000 Flowers Community Coming Together 2017 Auction Preview Millefiori: 1,000 Flowers Community Coming Together 2017 Auction Preview

Millefiori: 1,000 Flowers Community Coming Together 2017 Auction Preview

October 5th - 18th, 2017

240 2nd Ave S, #100
Seattle, WA 98104

Come visit Pilchuck’s Seattle Exhibition Space this October to preview a sample of the art work featured in the 39th Annual Auction and Gala.

Featuring works by:

Julie Alland 

Clare Belfrage

David Chatt 

Jen Elek

Beccy Feather  

Tyler Gordon

Lawrence LaBianca

Dylan Martinez

Amanda McDonald-Stern 

Yosuke Shikada  

Heather Sutherland

Csilla Szilágyi 

Along Those Lines

Micah Evans

Along Those Lines

September 7 - 28

Regular Gallery Hours: 10 – 4, M – F

240 2nd Ave S, #100
Seattle, WA 98104

Micah Evans is an internationally acclaimed artist who is known for blurring the lines between art, craft, form, and function. His latest works, featured in ALONG THOSE LINES, draw on themes of history, memory, and erosion. Micah is from the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Animal Wrongs

Justin Parisi-Smith

Animal Wrongs

July 6 – August 31

Artist's Receptions:
July 6 and August 3, 5 – 8 pm

Regular Gallery Hours: 10 – 4, M – F

240 2nd Ave S, #100
Seattle, WA 98104

Justin’s work revolves around strong-content driven satire, inspired by environmental and socially conscious concerns. This exhibition creates both direct and open-ended narratives using playful animals and severed limbs. Justin celebrates humor in many modes: whimsy, wit, parody, irony, and nonsense. All of the work featured in Animal Wrongs was created at Pilchuck, with the support of the community.


Danny White & Megan Stelljes


May 4 - June 29, 2017
Open Reception, Thursday, May 4, 5 - 8

Pilchuck Seattle
240 2nd Ave S. #100
Seattle, WA 98119

Using humor and satire as a platform, Danny White draws from everyday life experiences and popular culture to influence his work. Megan Stelljes’ style and work are guided by her deep love of color, and an interest in reinterpreting commonplace objects to find deeper, hidden meaning. Together, White and Stelljes present POP CULTURED, featuring new works that explore the relationship between humor and consumerism, and the absurdity of our time.

Regular Gallery Hours: M - F, 10 - 4.



Pioneer Square First Thursday Artwalk
Thursday, April 6, 2017, 5 - 8 PM
Pilchuck Seattle
240 2nd Ave S, #100
Regular Gallery Hours M - F, 10 - 4

HUSH.ed features a group of talented artists whose work challenges conventional perceptions of sculptural glass. While exploring themes of technology, materiality, and duality, HUSH.ed quietly demands a moment of reflection in our otherwise busy world. Through abstraction and attention to detail, Megan Biddle, Amber Cowan, Jessica Jane Julius, and Sharyn O’Mara shed new light on the limitlessness of glass as a material. HUSH.ed runs through April 23. 





Joseph Rossano’s EDNA conveys a deep admiration for nature, science and history. While the interdisciplinary systems of the natural world are highlighted through his works, Rossano’s show serves as a sampling of different organisms and their connections to one another. Through a wide range a materials, Rossano composes a broad narrative that taps into the viewer’s senses and demands a profound consideration for the vastness of life. Pilchuck Seattle, 240 2nd Ave S, #100, Seattle, 206-621-8422. Regular gallery hours Monday - Friday, 10 - 4 pm.