A gift made in memory or in honor of an individual is a meaningful way to pay tribute and also help further the mission of Pilchuck Glass School. We thank those who chose to direct such gifts to Pilchuck and the donors who honored or remembered an individual with a gift.


In honor of Becky Benaroya

Dorothy Saxe

In honor of Bruce Morse
Carol Butler
Dick and Diane Einstein
Gail Goodman
Silviya Grimberg
Miriam and Robert Meshel
Maxine Moshay
Dorothy Saxe
Steven and Honey Schwartz
Esther and Barry Shafran
Barbara Shafran
Sharon and Michael Shapiro
Carol Solomon
Sharon and Don Strauss

In memory of Caryll M. and Norman F. Sprague Jr.
The Caryll M. & Norman F. Sprague Foundation

In memory of David Pollart
Sunne and William Meyer

In memory of Mary Shirley
C. David Hughbanks
Dorothy Saxe

In honor of Joan Stonecipher
John and Linda Anderson
Gary and Sally Jouris

In honor of David Willis
Jane and Robert Willis