Spring Tours

Each year in May, Pilchuck’s private campus, located on 54 acres in the midst of a Stanwood tree farm, is open to the public. Many organizations find the campus inspiring and utilize this exclusive tour as a team-building excursion for employees, or for entertaining out-of-town guests or clients. During Spring Tours, visitors can view the fascinating processes of glass making, talk with working artists, tour the studios, and hear about the history and the future of the school.

Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!


Each year, the top ranking scholarship applicant receives an AIR i S12 Residency at S12 Gallery and Open Studio Access in Bergen, Norway. New this year, the two top ranking scholarship applicants advanced in glassblowing are invited to Murano, Italy for a live/work cultural and artistic experience.

Pilchuck Glass School is pleased to announce Kit Paulson as the recipient of the S12 Residency, and Glassblowers Andy Paiko and Aya Oki have been invited to Murano, Italy, May 7 – 28, 2017. Congratulations to these deserving artists! Image artwork by Kit Paulson. 


The Assemblage: Putting it all Together

Glassblowing, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Hot Casting, Coldworking

Session 2 - Taxonomy
May 30 - June 16

Elias Hansen and Joseph Rossano

THE ASSEMBLAGE brings together students and instructors and a gathering of renowned, mixed media artists to lead demonstrations, discuss their work and inspire ideas. Utilizing glass blowing, sculpture, hot casting, cold working and mixed media, instructors Joseph Rossano and Elias Hansen will guide students through the process of making multiples. Students will realize an idea and find personal expression as they work through, around, and with perceived limitations and permutations. Numerous guest artists will give live demonstrations, discuss relevant topics and lead critiques. Artists of all media and skill levels welcome.


Matt Browning, Cris Bruch, Dr. Christian Burks, Jen Elek, Blaire Hansen , Tom Lind, Kait Rhoads, Richard Royal, April Surgent, Ethan Stern, Erich Woll and Zac Hinderyckx

Elias Hansen and Joseph Rossano

Works by Elias Hansen and Joseph Rossano

2017 Summer Program


Click on image to view the 2017 Summer Program catalog 

Current Exhibition


Pilchuck Seattle
240 2nd Ave S, #100
Regular Gallery Hours M - F, 10 - 4 

HUSH.ed features a group of talented artists whose work challenges conventional perceptions of sculptural glass. While exploring themes of technology, materiality, and duality, HUSH.ed quietly demands a moment of reflection in our otherwise busy world. Through abstraction and attention to detail, Megan Biddle, Amber Cowan, Jessica Jane Julius, and Sharyn O’Mara shed new light on the limitlessness of glass as a material. HUSH.ed runs through April 23. 

Upcoming Exhibition

Pop cultured

Danny White & Megan Stelljes

May 4 - June 29, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 4, 5 - 8 PM
Pilchuck Seattle
240 2nd Ave S, Unit 100
Seattle, WA 98119
Regular Gallery Hours - M-F, 10 - 4

Using humor and satire as a platform, Danny White draws from everyday life experiences and popular culture to influence his work. Megan Stelljes’ style and work are guided by her deep love of color, and an interest in reinterpreting commonplace objects to find deeper, hidden meaning. Together, White and Stelljes present POP CULTURED, featuring new works that explore the relationship between humor and consumerism, and the absurdity of our time.

Job Opportunities


Pilchuck Glass School is looking for a Staff Accountant to maintain accounting records for Pilchuck. The position will remain open until filled. Send cover letter and resume to jobsearch@pilchuck.com. Click here for the full job description.