Spring Tours

Photo of Jen Elek by Russell Johnson

Each year in May, Pilchuck’s private campus, located on 54 acres in the midst of a Stanwood tree farm, is open to the public. Many organizations find the campus inspiring and utilize this exclusive tour as a team-building excursion for employees, or for entertaining out-of-town guests or clients. During Spring Tours, visitors can view the fascinating processes of glass making, talk with working artists, tour the studios, and hear about the history and the future of the school.

Thank You Montague Gallery

Montague Gallery opened February 2nd on Sutter Street in downtown San Francisco with a reception and benefit for Pilchuck Glass School. Hundreds attended to enjoy works by artists working in glass including John Kiley, Dante Marioni and Sabrina Knowles and Jenny Pohlman and other Pilchuck alumni. Image: Jenny Polhman (left), Sabrina Knowles and Barbara Poole, courtesy of Montague Gallery. 

2017 Summer Program


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2017 Summer Session Themes

This summer, key words structure the dialogue and focus for session courses. Identity, Taxonomy, Visualization, Materiality, Activation and Exploration provide a framework for inquiry. Instructors and Artists in Residence have been selected for their distinctive relationship to their session's keyword. The themes act as a campus-wide parameter, outlining the focus of each course and providing a collective springboard for thoughtful interpretation and the creation of pieces infused with content.

The courses offered this summer offer a wide range of learning, methods and skill levels - the only question is, which keyword speaks to you?

Current Exhibition

HUSH.ed features a group of talented artists whose work challenges conventional perceptions of sculptural glass. While exploring themes of technology, materiality, and duality, HUSH.ed quietly demands a moment of reflection in our otherwise busy world. Through abstraction and attention to detail, Megan Biddle, Amber Cowan, Jessica Jane Julius, and Sharyn O’Mara shed new light on the limitlessness of glass as a material.

Job Opportunities


Pilchuck Glass School is looking for a Marketing Manager to oversee the daily communications, graphic design, social media, and public relations and marketing activities for Pilchuck. The position will remain open until filled. Send cover letter and resume to jobsearch@pilchuck.com. Click here for the full job description.